Holloko Tour UNESCO site, Northern Hungary

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Holloko is a UNESCO site which is the perfect location to see Hungarian traditions, especially Easter traditions.

In this old settlement with original architecture from the 17th and 18th century, the village streets looks as if one of the Hungarian folk fairy tales came alive. 

After visiting the village of Holloko you will have a chance to see the unique Castle of Holloko on the way back to Budapest.

Price includes transport to and from Budapest, entrance tickets for the concerts and dance shows plus on the way back stopping at Holloko castle. 

Full day tour cost 115 €/car. For bigger groups we can send our minibus.

Easter traditions in Holloko:

Every Easter Monday there is a tradition unique to Hungary: all the girls of the household get up early, finely paint eggs with red laquer, and then dress in their finest clothes and wait. Then throughout the day the boys and men of the town arrive at the house one by one and recite a poem to the girls. This seems very romantic until the end of the poem when the boy then throws cold water over the girl and rather than being slapped is proudly presented with the painted egg in return!

In recent times the water has been replaced by perfume so that the girl ends up smelling like a bad perfumery at the end of the day. However, I believe in keeping traditions alive and opt instead for the water, the colder the better!