Tokaj wine tour, Northern Hungary UNESCO site

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Let us show you Hungary’s best-known wine region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in Northeast Hungary. 

This was the first officially recognised closed wine district of the world, founded in 1737.

This tour can include a one or a two day itinerary from Budapest as you prefer, you will be able to stop at the historical town of Eger on your way.

The region's most famous dessert wine is the Tokaji Aszú, one of king Louis XIV's favourites. He has famously called it the " wines of kings, kings of wines"

Tokaj’s microclimate provides the ideal conditions to produce this world-class wine. The south-facing slopes, the nearby Tisza and Bodrog rivers and the warm summers, and long, sunny autumns all play a part in giving the wine its unique taste. The grapes are harvested late in the season when they are covered with botrytis, making their skin thinner to produce this unique wine with high alcohol, acid and sugar content. Furmint is another famous white wine, followed by Hárslevelű and Sárgamuskotály (Yellow Muscat).

On this tour you will be able to taste the best wines and delicious food as well as visiting some charming villages nearby that is less known among tourists. 

Full day private tour cost 360 €/car for between 1-4 people

Group tour: 95 €/person with minibus

Two day tour: 400 €/car for between 1-4 people