Here are some of the common questions asked by visitors to Hungary and to this website:

Who is undiscoveredhungary?

Undiscoveredhungary is an English Hungarian collaboration. We share our time between Hungary and the UK. Over the years we have built very good relationship with our partners in Hungary and we feel we have a great knowledge of the country which we would like to share with our tourists and visitors. Undiscoveredhungary is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intsol Ltd a UK registered company.

How do I get to Hungary?

Most people fly to one of the two International Airports at Budapest and Debrecen. There are also scheduled flights from some German cities to Sármellék, an airport to the West of Lake Balaton. 

Before arriving to Hungary you can fill in our form for minibus order with an English speaking driver who will be waiting for you at the airport. Great if you are visiting with friends or have a big family and lots of luggage.


If you plan to drive allow two days from the UK. The journey takes you past some great towns in Germany and Austria (depending on the route) and is worth doing at least once for the experience. 

As a novel alternative you could arrive in country by ferry a Hydrofoil runs on the Danube, connecting Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna in both directions. Both Bratislava and Vienna have direct flights to the UK.

What is the currency?

The local currency is the Forint which is about 350 to the Pound or 300 to the Euro.

How to get a taxi?

Do not hail a taxi on the street in Budapest, most of these are mafia run and you will be ripped-off if you get one unless you negotiate a flat fee beforehand. As most of these drivers only speak Hungarian locals alone are likely to be able to do this. Instead call one of the numbers below who have English and German speaking operators. Outside of Budapest or for airport pick ups we recommend our English speaking drivers.

Tele 5 Taxi 5-555-555 www.tele5taxi.hu
Budapest Taxi 4-333-333 www.budapesttaxi.hu
City Taxi 2-111-111 www.citytaxi.hu
Főtaxi 2-222-222 www.fotaxi.hu
Mobil Taxi 333-2222 www.mobiltaxi.hu
Radio Taxi 7-777-777 www.radiotaxi.hu
Taxi 2000 2-000-000 www.taxi2000.hu

When is the best time to visit?

Hungary can be visited at any time of year, although most visitors may prefer the hotter months of spring and autumn. Winter months are enjoyable for the Christmas markets, outdoor bathing in hot spas and ice skating; summer months can be very hot but the city hosts the famous Sziget Festival in August, which is always a draw and many locals decamp to Lake Balaton so the city can be quieter.