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Eger, Northern Hungary

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Eger is one of the most beautiful towns in Hungary with a mediterranean feel to it with historic monuments and famous wineries. The most famous wines of all is Bull's blood. 

St. Stephen, first king of Hungary, founded a bishopric in Eger sometime between 1001 and 1009 AD. The town’s importance led to the construction of a stone fortress for its protection in 1248, built around a Romanesque cathedral. Over the next several hundred years, high- and late-Gothic cathedrals were built to replace this church, which had since fallen into ruins. The episcopal seat, situated within the castle precinct, enjoyed its golden age during the 15th century Renaissance, when the town was one of the country’s most important cultural centres.

By the 16th century, the Turkish invasion was in full swing, with Buda falling in the 1540’s. In 1552 the Turks turned their attention to one of the biggest obstacles in the region, the fortress of Eger. The Hungarian defenders, only two thousand soldiers, managed to withstand a five-week siege by a force about forty times its size. This heroic show of defiance is considered to be one of the most outstanding military events in Hungarian history, and was immortalized in Géza Gárdonyi’s world-famous historical novel, Egri Csillagok (lit. “The Stars of Eger” though the English translation used the alternate title “Eclipse of the Crescent Moon”). 

If you are with children and don't want to walk so much you can take the sightseeing train from Egeszseghaz Utca. Train runs between 10.30-18.30 daily.

When in Eger it is worth visiting the surrounding area with the scenic Matra mountains situated in the northeast and Egerszalok's unique thermal baths.

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