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Holloko UNESCO site, Northern Hungary

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Holloko is an originally preserved traditional settlement from the 17th-18th century. Situated to the north east of Budapest in the Cserhat mountains, with village streets looks as if one of the Hungarian folk fairy tales came alive.

Reserve your place now for our Holloko village and castle tour with delicious food served in the village's superb cafes, bakeries and eateries. Tour starts from Budapest daily, on the way back you will stop at Holloko Castle. 

Tour cost: 140 €/car

There are several museums we can find here, such as the Weaving House (Szövőház), Village Museum (Falumúzeum), Post Museum (Postamúzeum), Museum of Dolls (Babamúzeum), Folk Art House (Mívesház), as well as numerous folk craft masters who welcome visitors into their workshops. 

But really there is something worth looking at in every house. 

Also Hollókő is home to one of the most beautiful gothic castles from the 13th-15th-century. The renovated medieval fortification stands on the top of the hill. 

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