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Bukk National Park, Northern Hungary

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The Bukk National Park is situated in the north east of Hungary and abundant in waterfalls and caves and was established in 1977. It preserves the natural flora, fauna and the cultural values of the Bukk Mountains. The area of the park is 43,200 hectares from which 97 % is covered with forests.There are several unique and rare wildlife species in the mountains and more than 900 caves are known. Holloko village one of our UNESCO World Heritage sites is situated here. Also worth mentioning the picturesque Lillafured with Szent Istvan and Anna-barlang (cave). 

Another famous place is the town of Szilvasvarad, with its amazing hiking possibilities, also it is the home of the famous lipicai horse-breeding. It lays on the western side of the Bukk-mountains at a 345m above sea level, 31 kilometers from the historical town of Eger. The Szalajka-valley connecting to Szilvásvárad is the most beautifull high-hill like valley of the country with cascading waterfalls. It is worth walking up to its entrance from the centre of Szilvasvarad where you can explore the area with the forest railway.

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