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Thermal spring with limestone hill formations Egerszalok

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Egerszalok's unique and spectacular attraction is the thermal spring with limestone hill formations with flowstone erupting from deep in the earth. The 65-68 C medicinal water rich in mineral content continually builds jagged, white formations, offering an imposing spectacle.  Beside the thermal pools there are plenty of children pools and slides so we recommend this place for the whole family.

It's a sight unique to Europe, with similar natural formations found only in two other places in the world, at Pamukkale in Turkey and in Yellowstone National Park in the United States.

The first well was drilled in 1961 in search of oil and natural gas, with the drilling of a second well taking place in 1987. Now one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hungary.

Opening time: Every day 10.00-20.00 

We are organising tours here all year and to the beautiful Eger wine region, please fill in the form if interested.

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