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Tapolca is a very romantic town abundant in unique things to see and do situated west of Lake Balaton.

Probably the most unique attraction of all is the cave lake. The nearly 300-meter-long cave system is situated in the heart of the town. It was opened to the public in 1912. Small boats can be hired to explore the 5 km long cave system, where you can adore the beauty of miocene limestone formations. It was designated already in 1942, and placed under strict protection in 1982. The mixture of the cold carst water flowing here and the thermal water upsurging from the deep dissolves limestone. Initially narrow passages, then smaller and larger niches were formed. During a very long time these widened into spacious chambers and passages.

The other spectecular place is The Mill Pond (Malom-tó) this picturesque lake can be reached from the Main Square through a small backyard where the “Four Seasons”, a sculpture by László Marton, is situated.

The Church Hill is the medieval center of Tapolca. The church was built in the 13th century in Roman style. After the Turkish invasion it was rebuilt in Baroque style in 1756.

The School Museum is located in the former cantor house. The greatest pedagogic collection of the Transdanubian region can be found here.

The Main Square is the former marketplace of the town, it functioned as a trade center from ancient times. The statue of Holy Trinity was erected in the middle of the square in 1757. Another masterpiece, the Little Princess, is located here too.

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