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Kaposvar, Southern Transdanubia

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Kaposvar is the seat of Somogy county in Southern Transdanubia. It is a charming town with many fountains and cobbled stone streets situated between Lake Balaton and the town of Pécs.

It is a lively town offering many interesting activities such as the Kaposvar town bath called Virag Furdo. The thermal water has a curing effect with outdoor pools, slides, sauna, jacuzzi and a baby pool. It is definitely worth visiting if you are in this area.

Another interesting place is the Rippl Ronai museum where some of the artist's best paintings can be admired. Also it is a very nice walk in the hilly suburbs of the town.

On the walking streets of the town you will find plenty of shops, restaurant and cinema.

Read further if you are interested in the town's history:

In 1749 Kaposvar was designated the county seat. During the 1800s the city developed considerably, due to the importance of the railway line between Budapest and Zagreb.

In the early 20th century, the city became the center of an artists' colony associated with the rise of the modernist movement in Hungarian art. 

In 1990 Kaposvar as a city above 50,000 inhabitants, was elevated to the rank of city with county rights. Since 1993 it has been an episcopal seat of the Roman Catholic Church. The University of Kaposvar was founded on 1 January 2000. 

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