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Children's Railway in the Buda Hills

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Enjoy a fun day in the beautiful Buda hills on the Children's Railway (Gyermekvasút), built after World War II, and originally called Pioneer's Railway, is run by children under the supervision of adult railway workers. Children do various types of jobs, from selling tickets to traffic management. Similar projects had been introduced in the former Soviet Union in the 1940’s.

All seven stops along the Children's Railway route are popular recreation spots. Csillebérc, where the tree canopy zip-line is located; Normafa, known for its beautiful scenery; Janos Hill, the highest peak in Budapest, a charming zoo; and Huvosvolgy, the site of the popular restaurant called Nancsi Neni are the most favorite stops.

When Children’s Railway first opened some stations were named after symbols of the pioneer movement, which were then changed in 1990. There is a museum on site (at Hüvösvölgy station) displaying some relics from the Communist/Pioneer era.

You can combine Children's Railway with another fun activity, the 'Libegő' (chairlift).

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