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Boszenfa Deer and Horse Farm and Hunting Lodge (Southern Transdanubia)

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This is the biggest deer farm in Hungary. Bőszénfa, a small village in the rolling hills of Zselic hosts the Game Management Landscape Centre of Kaposvár University. The centre was started as an experimental program, and now, it is one of the most important stock in Central Europe, with a tradition going back to two decades. The 1300 hectare land provides habitat for more than 1500 red deer, 300 wild boar, 200 fallow deer, 150 muflon and approximately 50 roe deer. They also breed domesticated animals, such as Hungarian grey cattle, racka sheep, pigs, horses, donkeys, goats and water buffalo.

The forests of the Zselic have traditionally been excellent hunting areas for centuries. The Bőszénfa hunting park of Kaposvár University is a 1200-hectare park comprising a deer- and a wild boar hunting area. The livestock originated from the best populations of Hungary, such as those of the Gemenc Forestry – Karapancsa and Pörböly, the Zselic Forestry of Somogy Forestry CCo., and from the hunting areas of the Kaszó Forestry.

The best indicator of the quality of the livestock is trophy weight. In the last hunting season the record stag in Somogy county with the biggest trophy weight (1337 kg) and point (242 CIC) was shot here. Besides red deer, a remarkable number of wild boar and fallow deer can be found in the park and the hunting of muflon is also possible. The success of hunting is facilitated by land cruisers, a horse carriage (in case of snow the horse sledge), more than 30 high seats and a 3000-meter long stalking path.

It is a speciality that guests can buy controlled, excellent quality meat of wild game, ham, sausage and salami made of wild meat, the products of the game processing plant. The hunters have the possibility of buying their own bag in processed, oven-ready form.

During the hunting (and at all times) the Ropoly Hunter’s Lodge is at your disposal, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the forest, silence, delicious meals and hospitable service.

There is a possibility for horse riding on the farm as well. Fill in the form if you would like more details on any of the activities or arrange transport from Budapest.

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