Castle Castle of Szigliget, North of Lake Balaton is part of our Itinerary Castle tours with knight tournament in Hungary

Castle of Szigliget, North of Lake Balaton

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Castle of Szigliget has a special place in the heart of the Hungarian people. 

Its proximity to Lake Balaton and the fact that it is so well preserved means that it is considered one of Hungary’s jewels. The castle fortress situated on top of Castle Hill of 242 metres. The Castle was built by the Benedictine order of Pannonhalma and was completed in 1262. A small village with a church had been developed under the castle belonging to it as usual in the life of a border fortress. The Castle passed into royal ownership and then from 1521 for centuries it became the property of the Tóti-Lengyel family. 

Today the monument offers concerts, exhibitions, interactive programmes all year long. In June one of the biggest festivals being held in the castle.

Since it is next to the beautiful Badacsony wine region we organise castle and wine tasting tours from Budapest.

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Castle games performed daily between May and August.

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