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The Benedictine monastery of Pannonhalma

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The abbey was founded in 996 by Prince Géza who designated this as a place for the Benedictine monks to settle and then it soon became the centre of the Benedictine order. Géza's son, King Stephen I completed the construction and donated estates and privilege to the monastery. 

They went on to convert the Hungarians, to found the country's first school and in 1055, to write the first document in Hungarian. From the time of its founding, this monastic community has promoted culture throughout central Europe. Its 1,000-year history can be seen in the succession of architectural styles of the monastic buildings (the oldest dating from 1224), which still today house a school and the monastic community. It is about 80 km west of Budapest, near to a nice university town Győr.

We organise tours from Budapest. We combine Pannonhalma with the city of Győr and the nearby wine region. We can also organise horse riding near the monastery.

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