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Matra Mountains, Northern Hungary

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Matra is a mountain range in northern Hungary between the town of Gyongyos and Eger. The country's highest peak the Kekesteto is situated here (1014 m) where you can go skiing in the winter. Our private driver will transport you to this amazing location for a day trip or to stay longer see a big selection of hotels below.

The Matra Mountains is situated between the valleys of River Tarna and River Zagyva. The Mátra can be divided into several distinguishable parts. The highest point of the Western Mátra is Muzsla (805 m). The so-called Central Mátra consists of the plateau of Mátrabérc (Mátra ridge) and the groups of the volcanic cones of Galyateto and Kekesteto. Steep, rugged slopes and slides alternate with one another, covered with closed beech forests. Gentler slopes and parallel valleys flow down to the south, the largest of which is the so-called Nagy-völgy (Great Valley). The 'main entrance' to the Mátra was formed in parallel with the valley of Nagy-patak (Great Stream), ranging from Mátrafüred to Mátraháza. 

The vineyard-covered landscape of the foot of the Mátra is beautiful too where travellers can enjoy some of the best wines of Hungary. To the east, after the steep escarpment of the 898-metre-high Saskő (Eagle Stone), the 650-750-metre-high peaks of the Eastern Mátra follow one another. The northern part of the mountain range is called Matralaba (the Mátra's feet). This is a hilly area covered with 250-400-metre-high small volcanic cones, with mostly cultivated arable lands.

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