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Tihany (North shore of Lake Balaton)

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Get your cameras ready! Tihany is a beautiful, historical village in a stunning setting on the north shore of Lake Balaton. It is situated on the Tihany Peninsula.

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The centre of the district is the Benedictine Abbey, which was founded in 1055 AD by Andrew I, who is buried in the crypt. 

The founding charter of this abbey is the first example of the Hungarian written language. The church itself was rebuilt in baroque style in 1754. The still functioning abbey is a popular tourist attraction due to its historical and artistic significance. It also has a fantastic view of Lake Balaton. The abbey also features as a footnote in Habsburg history - the last Habsburg Emperor of Austria, Charles I was briefly held prisoner here following his second attempt to regain the throne of Hungary.

Tihany is famous for the echo, existing since the 18th century. There were poems written for this echo, by Mihály Csokonai Vitéz and Mihály Vörösmarty, but the most famous is by János Garay, summing up the legend of the place. The echo has since abated, due to changes in the landscape. 

The other part of the legend concerns with the "goats' nails", washed ashore from Balaton, which are in fact corners of prehistoric clams. According to the story, there was a princess with golden-haired goats, but she was too proud and hard of heart and was punished (cursed by the king of the lake): her goats were lost in Balaton, only their nails remained, and she was obliged to answer to every passer-by. A stone, remembering the Shouting Girl, is still to be seen near the village.

Lavender festival: One of the biggest open-air festivals in Tihany during summer. Many programs are provided throughout the village since lavender plays an important role here and it appears in every possible forms: jam, drink, honey, sweets, cosmetics, lavender as a motif on the clothes, textiles, on teapots, mugs and so on. Harvest on the lavender plantation, visit in the old Lavender field and the museum are the main attractions. Children programs and performances make the event a unique occasion.

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