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Pecs, Southern Transdanubia

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Pecs is one of the most beautiful towns in southern Hungary. It has a mediterranean feeling to it as you stroll along the cobble stoned streets on a typical hot summers day or sitting down in one of the many open-air restaurants and cafés of Kiraly street (the main walking street). The Mediterranean climate combined with numerous festivals help to define the city. The spring festival, the National Theatre Meeting, the Grape and Wine Festival all attract citizens and visitors all year around.

It is the fifth largest city in Hungary, close to its border Croatia. It is the administrative and economical centre of Baranya county. The Roman settlement of Sopianae had already become a city 2000 years ago. By the end of the 3rd century AD Sopianae was one of the administrative centres of the province of Pannonia. 

The town boasts one of Hungary's UNESCO sites, the Early Christian tombs. In the 4th century, a remarkable series of decorated tombs were constructed in the cemetery of the Roman provincial town. These are important both structurally and architecturally, since they were built as underground burial chambers with memorial chapels above the ground. The tombs are important also in artistic terms, since they are richly decorated with murals of outstanding quality depicting Christian themes. The unique Early Christian art and architecture of the northern and western Roman provinces is exceptionally well and fully illustrated by the Sopianae cemetery. It is a must see sight when in town.

Don't forget the famous TV tower which surely will take your breath away with its great view or the nearby Orfu Lake.

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