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Szekszárd and Nemesnádudvar wine region

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Szekszárd is most famous for its red wine. The characteristic acid content of the full-bodied red wine is guaranteed. The typical wine types are: cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, kékfrankos, merlot, rarely zweigelt and oporto. Beside the full-bodied, fiery, nearly black red wines, the mild, fresh but high content rosés are popular too.

Kadarka is the grape, which made Szekszárd so famous. It is a beautiful, ruby-red wine of special bouquet with low acid content.

Nemesnádudvar is a nice German minority settlement next to Szekszard. Walking among the cellars, ancient wine-making tools are on display in nice old buildings. You will have a taste of local wines and visit the wine museum. This charming settlement is in an especially fortunate location, as it lies in the immediate vicinity of the Danube Valley Main Channel, for the pleasure of bathers, anglers and people who are fond of boating.

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