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Wine tour Balatonfüred and Csopak, North of Lake Balaton

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This beautiful region lies on the north-east of Lake Balaton, on the sides of the mountains which run parallel with the lake. The Balatonfüred district gained more importance when it became the property of the Tihany abbey. Due to the devotion of the priests and monks the level of wine-growing and wine-making was raised to very high levels. 

Turkish invasion halted the development but a great renewal came again in the 18th century, by the middle of 19th century Balatonfüred became the most important town at Lake Balaton where distinguished people met one another at balls and feasts and enjoyed the excellent white wines here. 

There are great family friendly lidos both at Balatonfured as well as Csopak. So beside wine tasting it is a great area for bathing as well.

We organise wine tours and wine tastings in this region with a stop of at Tihany, please sign up here if interested. Full day tour cost 150 €/car. For more people ask for a quote.

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