Baja, Southern Hungary

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Baja is a town in Bács-Kiskun County, southern Hungary and the capital of Hungarian Fish Soup. It is the second largest town in the county after Kecskemét, and is home to some 37,000 people.

Being close to the Danube and the forest of Gemenc, as well as having its own cultural sights, makes it a candidate for tourism.

When Hungary was part of the Habsburg Empire, the city was also settled by Germans alongside some Jews. Due to its location on the Danube, it became a transportation and commercial hub for the region. This was where grain and wine was loaded onto boats to be transported upriver to Austria and Germany. Until 1765, the inhabitants belonged to three nations; Bunjevac (under name of Dalmatians), the Germans and the Serbs. The town has quite a big German minority even today.

Every summer there is a fish soup cooking competition combined with family friendly festivities. In 2016 it is between 7-10 July.

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