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Szilvásvárad lays on the western side of the Bukk-mountains and the home of the famous lipicai horse-breeding. It is 31 kilometers from the historical town of Eger. 

The Szalajka-valley connecting to Szilvásvárad is the most beautifull high-hill area with scenic waterfall. From the centre of Szilvásvárad  you can explore the area with the forest railway. On your journay either by rail or on foot you can admire trout ponds, the Wild Animal display, the Rock spring, the Open-air Forest Museum, the Forestry Museum, the Guardian of the Carpathians, the Gloriett glade, the Veil-waterfall and the Prehistoric man's Cave at Istálloskő.

The town’s most significant monument is the snow-white round reformed temple, which was built around 1825, in classicist style. The family manor of the Pallavicini operates as a hotel these days. Near the manor, the base-stud can be found, where after admiring the stallion, we can get to know the history of the lipicai horses in a small museum.

Szilvásvárad is an international holiday resort since 1971, but it become really well known since the organising of the VIIth Coach-driving World Championship in 1984.

The Lipicai Equastrian festival is organised here every summer. Beside the race, the festival is accompanied with spectacular musical and cultural events.

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