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Kecskemét, Southern Great Plain

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Kecskemét lies in the middle of Hungary, in the region of the sand dunes between the Danube and the Tisza Rivers, 86 kilometres south of Budapest. The settlement was established at the cross-roads of ancient trading routes, and its location and favourable geographical characteristics brought the town into the limelight of the neighbouring villages.

The charter of 1368 by King Louis the Great mentions it as a market-town. It preserved its market-town character for centuries, and the extensive farming, the trade of cattle, and later on the special vine- and fruit-growing culture resulted in the growth of the town. The city is known for its famous apricot brandy,  the ”whistling” apricot, it is a unique taste so everyone should try it!

In the second half of the 19th century the immense development of the town made it possible for the market-place of the former market-town to be transformed into a splendid main square with buildings constructed in Art Nouveau style. The central area boasts of the most splendid masterpieces of this style. For example The Town Hall, the Ornamented Palace, and the Youth Centre. It is also worth checking out the beautiful Katona Jozsef Theatre.

Kecskemét welcomes visitors with a whole range of recurring programmes year by year, of which the most outstanding events are the Kecskemét Spring Festival, the Kodály Music Festival, the Kecskemét Wine and Palinka Festival, the Future of Europe International Children Meeting Festival and the famous Kecskemét airshow.  If you like to be active you should visit the town’s bath and wellness centre with an aqua park and an arboretum. 

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