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Tata (North West Hungary)

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Tata is a baroque town with 24,000 inhabitants situated near the Vienna-Budapest motorway, about 30 minutes drive from Budapest.

The amazing beauty of its landscape ranks Tata among the must-see-sites in Central Transdanubia, where colourful festivals, outdoor concerts and acknowledged sports events entertain visitors every summer. The town shows a perfect harmony of nature and culture. It also has a large lake called the Old Lake.

The first known mention of Tata is from 1221. Its castle was built by the Lackfi family and had its prime under Matthias I, who had it rebuilt in Renaissance style.

During the Ottoman occupation the castle of Tata was an important fortress. It was captured in 1529 and had many different owners in the next decades until it was burned down by the Habsburgs in retaliation for the Rákóczi’s war of independence.

In 1727, Count József Esterházy bought Tata and the surrounding villages. The town prospered, in 1765 it already had a secondary school.

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