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Hungaroring, Formula 1 Budapest

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The Hungaroring circuit is 19 km from the centre of Budapest, alongside the M3 motorway at the border of the village, Mogyoród. 

The track is in a natural valley, surrounded by 50 hectares of rolling hillside. With this exceptional natural advantage, almost 80 percent of the racetrack is visible from any point. This is the reason why it is called "The Shallow Plate", it is because the spectators are watching races sitting by the side of an imaginary plate.

At the Grand Opening, the total length of the HungaroringTM was 4013,786 metres. A minor correction was made during 1989, as a result of cutting an S-curve combination, the circuit became faster, giving an extra overtaking opportunity to the drivers; hence, the full track length was reduced to 3971,8 metres.

The smallest radius of a curve is 20 metres, while the largest is 400 metres. The full length of the start-finish line is 788 metres, the top speed here is approximately 320 km/h. The track is at its widest here: 15 metres, elsewhere the width varies between 10 and 11 metres, relative to the possible highest speed.

The surface structure is a triple layer of asphalt, 5 cm thick each on 20-cm thick rubble and 20-cm thick concrete. The relative level difference between the highest and lowest point of the Ring is 36 metres. The greatest slope is 6,2%, while the largest descent is as much as 7,0%.

Hungaroring race track meets the strictest technical requirements and has therefore become one of the safest race tracks in the world.

The reconstruction works carried out at Hungaroring circuit in the year 2003, which have been in line with the FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile), FOM (Formula One Management Ltd.), and the local ASN (National Autosport Federation of Hungary) resulted in the lengthening of the start-straight by 202 metres; the new circuit length is therefore 4381,08 metres.

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