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Pilis and Visegrad Mountains

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The Pilis and Visegrad Mountains are mountainous regions in the Transdanubian Mountains of Hungary, north of the capital city with excellent views and a diverse flora and fauna.

The highest peak of the Pilis mountain is the Pilis Teto with 756 metres and the highest peak of the Visegrad mountains is Dobogoko with 700 metres is a complete holiday resort with nice views, the other favourite hiking place here is Ram-Szakadek.

The names are of Slavic origin: Pilis (pleš) means "bald" (the mountain tops of Pilis usually have a clearing), while Visegrád means "high castle" (vyše hrad). The latter is the name of a small town - once Hungarian royal seat - located by the Danube River.

For a long time these two mountain groups were treated as one, and referred to as "Pilis". In fact, they form a compact topographic entity, however their geology differs greatly. In the Miocene period, intensive volcanic activity changed the scene in the northern part (which is now the Visegrád Mountains), where the sedimentary fundaments were covered by andesitic rocks. The southern part (now the Pilis) wasn't affected by volcanism, and further sedimentation took place before the range was lifted up.

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