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Tapolca cave lake

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The unique 300-meter-long cave system is situated in the heart of the town Tapolca, west of Lake Balaton. It was opened to the public in 1912 after ten years of its discovery.

Small boats can be hired to explore the cave system. Merely 15–20 m below the town a 5 km long cave system criss-crosses the Miocene limestone layers. This includes the 3.3 km long cave lake, which is mostly filled with karst water. The cave was discovered in 1903 during well digging. The mixture of the cold carst water flowing here and the thermal water upsurging from the deep dissolves limestone. Initially narrow passages, then smaller and larger niches can be seen while you are paddling your own boat.

Entrance ticket: 2000 HUF/person.

Opening times: open all year, although it varies between the different seasons. 

For exact opening times click the link below to navigate to the official website:

We are organising tours to the cave lake from Budapest with wine tasting to follow in the beautiful Lake Balaton region, see details here:

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