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Castle Cave, Budapest

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Check out this unique Castle Cave (in Hungarian budavári labirintus) with it's interesting formations under the sreets of the castle district. The approximately 40 hectare surface area of the Castle Hill is surrounded by thick man made walls. It was used by the Germans as a battle station and storage facility in WW2. The main part of the hill is made of the so called Buda Marl. 

This hard layer of rock prevented later the weathering of the Castle Hill. The rise of the springs continued for tens of thousands years and beyond the thickening of the limestone layer. The water also effected the growth of lateral cavities at the contact of the marl and limestone. Such cavities that developed in freshwater limestone are worldwide rarities. The number of the original cavities must have exceeded a hundred. The most spacious cavities were located at the Szentháromság Square.

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Opening time: 10.00-19.00 except Mondays

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