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Szechenyi Thermal Bath, Budapest City Park

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The Szechenyi Thermal Bath could be mistaken for a palace, so pretty and grand, situated in the beautiful City Park (varosliget). 

It is one of the largest spa complexes in Europe and also the first thermal bath in Budapest. It was built in 1913 on the basis of plans composed by Gyozo Czigler. The Bath was expanded in 1927 with a public bathing department for gentlemen and ladies and a beach site.

In the middle of the 1960s, further transformations took place, including the creation of a group thermal section. It also has a huge outdoor bath area that can be used all year. The so-called fancy bath includes a whirling corridor, neck shower, water beam back massage installed in the sitting banks and many other services such as a waterproof chessboard where many famous people played in the past such as the former American world champion Bobby Fisher.

A fun program is the night bathing every Saturday night with a DJ playing. 

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