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Boldogko Castle, Northern Hungary

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Boldogko Castle towers above the village on a mountain top not far from the towns of Miskolc and Sarospatak in Northern Hungary by the Slovak border. All we know that the castle fortress was built after the Mongol invasion in the XIII century. The stronghold, designed with an interior turret, defended the road to Košice now Slovakia and the Hernad Valley. Presently, the castle is in the hands of the local municipality.

In 2002 major renovation works were done therefore we can enjoy an attractive and intact castle today.

The castle houses many exhibitions such as: 


military history;

tin/lead soldiers and dioramas;

coats of arms and flags;

prison and torture chamber;

smithy and forge;

mint and numismatic exhibit;

rocks and minerals; 

sculptures and statues

It is open every day between 9 am and 16.00.

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