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Miskolc Kocsonya (Meat Jelly) Festival

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Every year in winter the biggest open air festival, called Kocsonya Fesztival, in Miskolc invites visitors to this unique event based on modern entertainment and traditions with culinary contests, concerts and street fairs.

Kocsonya = meat jelly is a traditional Hungarian dish prepared late fall and winter by boiling pork pieces with vegetables and spices, skimming off most of the fat and leaving the broth to cool into a jelly filled with juicy meat. It’s consumed cold with thick slices of fresh, white bread – for which Miskolc also happens to be famous for.

We recommend combining the trip to this nowhere-else-in-the-world festival with a dip into the Thermal Cave Baths at Miskolc-Tapolca, also something not found anywhere else or alternatively to the famous castle of Diosgyor nearby. If you are interested, sign up for our tour at

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