Busojaras (Marching of the Monsters) in Mohacs, Southern Transdanubia

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Make sure to travel to Mohacs with us this winter to see the popular celebration in February. On route you will have a chance to stop at some pretty towns and villages, with private, English speaking driver/guide from Budapest.

Mohacs is a river side town in Southern Transdanubia. On the way we will have a few short stops at other famous Hungarian villages and places.

The Busojaras is a 6 day long festival where people wear traditional masks made of willow-tree, fur coats and trousers stuffed with straw. The celebration starts with gun fire when all different Buso groups meet on the main square called Kolo square. There is a procession through the town ending with a big bonfire where the Busó people continue with drinking and dancing.

According to legend people from Mohacs fled the town, and started living in the nearby swamps and woods to avoid Ottoman troops. Šokac people were so fed up with the occupation that they carved various weapons and scary masks for themselves, and on a stormy night they put on their masks and made as much noise as possible.The Turks were so frightened by the noise, the masks, and the storm in the night, that they thought demons were attacking them and they ran away from the town before sunrise.

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