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Balaton cross swimming competition

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Sign up for this special and challenging event on 2 July 2016! Every year there are about 7000 people participating in this 30 year old tradition.

Originally the first cross swimming was in 1880 between Siofok and Balatonfüred with the distance of 14 km. Since not too many people were capable of doing that long distance, the organisers gradually cut it shorter and shorther. Today the distance is 5.2-kilometre with starting at Révfülöp port and finishing at Platan beach in Balatonboglár.

Participants are welcome to start swimming anytime between 8 am & 2 pm. Candidates are requested to register by filling in a registration form and go through a medical examination to qualify for the competition. This can be done from 7 am to 1:30 pm at Révfülöp football field near Révfülöp port (the start). Participants are given a bar coded wrist band for further identification. Cold shower is available at the start.

The swimming track is marked by small stationary boats every 20-30 metres all across the lake that also ensure the safety of the competitors. When you reach the finishing line at Balatonboglár your bar code will be scanned and the race is completed. Refreshments will be offered as well. Everybody who completes the distance is awarded a T-shirt created for the occasion, and a prize draw follows the competition with gifts, and, in the afternoon, we also provide some entertainment. Medical assistance is available on the beach.

For the day of the competition chartered ferries are running between Révfülöp and Balatonboglár ,available for anyone against a return ticket. The competition’s bar coded wrist band qualifies for a free ride back to the start at Révfülöp. A left luggage service is being operated at the start where you can store your belongings during the competition. It is also possible to have some clothes transported to the other side of the lake,  plastic bags are provided for this purpose, however this has to be kept to a minimum; these plastic bags are available again at the finishing line.

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We are organising transport between Budapest and Lake Balaton on the day of the event. Write to us to to ask about prices and details.

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