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Wine and castle tour of Eger

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If you are with friends or family this tour is for you to see the amazing castle of Eger right in the centre of the town as well as visit some wine cellars in and around the town.

Many of Eger’s best wineries are located in villages outside the town, but the town of Eger itself has many wine cellars.

In the1552 battle, Eger’s residents (including women) fought the advancing Turks and managed to repel them. According to the legend, this is where the name Bull’s Blood originated. Supposedly, the soldiers were given red wine to help them fight, and the Turks mistook the wine for the blood of bulls. 

The Egri Bikavér is the most famous red wine produced here, made by mixing at least three types of wine. About 50% of the region's produce is white wine. The most well-known are the Egri Leányka and the Debrői Hárslevelű. The Italian Riesling, the Tramini and the Chardonnay are also widely cultivated here. The typical red wine types are Kadarka, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot.

Within this tour you will be able to see the Castle of Eger, now a protected historic monument with the István Dobó Castle Museum, exhibitions cover the history of the castle, the underground fortification system (Casemates), while another exhibit is the medieval forms of punishment.

Carvings from the destroyed cathedral can be seen in the lapidarium, while the marble sarcophagus of István Dobó, the heroic captain of the fortress during the 1552 siege, can be found in the Heroes’ Hall. The Art Gallery, also hosted in the castle, has one of the finest art collections in Hungary with works by Dutch, Italian, Austrian, and Hungarian masters.

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